Being an active member of RIAAO is a wonderful professional development opportunity. A great way to become more involved in RIAAO is to join a committee! All professional staff from the RIAAO institutions are eligible to serve on committees. If you are interested in joining a committee please email the appropriate committee chair. Feel free to join more than one committee.

College Fair Committee

The College Fair Committee oversees the planning and excision of the annual college fair in the fall.  The Committee is chaired by the President-Elect.  Date and location of the college fair are to be approved via quorum and majority vote of the membership.


Amanda Caron (Bryant University)

First-Year Student Relations Committee

The primary function of the First – Year Student Relations Committee is to provide scholarship awards for first year students entering a RIAAO member institution.

Any RIAAO member may sit on the selection committee.  The President shall be present for selection.  The Executive Board will determine the amount of scholarships that can be dispersed each year.  The Chair will be notified of that number prior to the selection meeting.



Counselor Relations Committee

The committee’s primary function is planning the annual RI counselor tour.  The Committee is Chaired or Co-Chaired by self-nominated RIAAO members who are subject to approval by the Executive Board.  Chair/Co-Chairs will be identified by the first quarterly meeting of the year with call for chairs occurring after fourth quarterly meeting.  The Committee members are recruited by the Chair.


Kelly Lamoreaux (Providence College)

Member Relations Committee

Duties of the Member Relations Committee Chair are:

  • Plan appropriate professional development for organization
  • Solicit members for nomination for annual awards
  • Review and decide on award recipients with Committee
  • Purchase awards and present awards at the annual meeting
  • Other duties that benefit the RIAAO membership


Ruby Morris-Jones (University of Rhode Island)

Transfer and Adult Students Relations Committee

The RIAAO Transfer and Adult Student Relations Committee is comprised of advisors and other professionals involved and interested in improving the college transfer process.  The Committee’s primary responsibility is to review and make recommendations on transfer issues to the organization.


Lisa Rooney (Community College of Rhode Island)