In an effort to streamline all college fairs in Rhode Island, we hope that this resource:

  1. Allows all of us to stay organized.  Consider it a “one stop shop” for college representatives, prospective students, and counseling staff to see what is going on in the state regarding these types of events.
  2. Avoids schools hosting fairs on conflicting dates.
  3. Helps schools to choose dates that are convenient for both the school and for the college representatives.  For example:
  • Two towns hosting two different events could consider having a joint fair.  This would allow more opportunities for students and allow more colleges to attend.  This will avoid organizing a college fair that might not be necessary if a neighboring town is having one open to the public.
  • If you are planning to schedule a college fair, using this information that we provide, you might want to consider your fair on the same day at a different time.  This has the potential to allow more college reps to attend your fair.
  • Allows guidance counselors to collaborate and share responsibility of the events such as sending out invites, rsvps, etc.  We have seen this work successfully in other states.
  1. Opens up the door for consortiums, where 2-4 schools collaborate and create a day to evening approach that allows reps to flow from school to school. This works well in districts where schools and parents want access to reps at each individual school.
  2. Allow students and families more opportunities to attend fairs.

If you would like your college fair to be advertised for the Fall of 2017 or would like more information for this resource, please email

Listing of RI Spring Fairs.