Brown University

Office of College Admission
Box 1876
Providence, RI  02912
Ph: 401-863-2378

Logan Powell, Dean of Admission
Julia Bengochea, Director of Admission
Annie Cappuccino, Senior Associate Director
Emily Cox Parker, Associate Director
Ryan Creps, Senior Assistant Director
Erik DeAngelis, Senior Associate Director
Bailey DiOrio, Senior Assistant Director
Julianne Fenn, Senior Assistant Director
Christina Fulton, Senior Associate Director
Tiffiney George, Senior Assistant Director
Caty Hanson, Admission Officer
Francisco Herrera, Assistant Director
Clara Hoff, Admission Officer
Dayna Niwa Krakower, Associate Director
Connie Livingston, Assistant Director
Clifton Martin, Admission Officer
Carolyn McGarry, Assistant Director
Peter Newcomb, Senior Associate Director (Veteran’s Contact)
Panetha Nychis Ott, Director of International Recruitment
Becky Parker, Director of Outreach & Communication
Matthew Price, Senior Associate Director (Transfer Contact)
Patrick Rounds, Assistant Director
Katrina Souder, Assistant Director
Ana Saul-Sykes, Director of Special Programs
Tony Sylvester, Director of Systems
Heather Vermillion, Senior Admission Officer
James Walsh, Senior Admission Officer

Bryant University-logo

Bryant University

Office of Admission
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI  02917  
Phone: 1-800-622-7001

Amanda Caron, Assistant Director of Admission –
Michelle Cloutier, Vice President for Enrollment Management –
Rebecca Eriksen, Director of Campus Visit Experience –
Keyla Eusebio, Assistant Director of Admission –
Melissa Fajardo, Assistant Director of Admission –
Laura Ferrell, Assistant Director for Admission Event Operations –
Andrew Kupec, Associate Director of International Admission –
Samantha Landry, Assistant Director of Admission –
Peter Lundbye, Director of International Admission –
Tabitha Marsden, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission –
Katie McAtee, Director of Applications & Communication –
Aimee O’Connell, Senior Assistant Director of Admission –
Katie Phung, Senior Assistant Director of Admission –
Kelly Rand, Assistant Director of Admission –
Amy Steere, Coordinator of Campus Visits –
Katie Storer, Associate Director of Admission –
Daniel Wystepek, Director of Recruitment –

Community College of Rhode Island

Locations: Knight Campus (Warwick), Flanagan Campus (Lincoln), Liston Campus (Providence), and Newport County Campus (Newport), Shepherd Building Providence (Satellite) and Westerly High School (Satellite)

Office of Enrollment Services:  401-825-2003


Amy Kacerik, Dean of Enrollment Management
Terri Kless, Director of Admissions
Deborah Watson, Associate Director of Enrollment Services
Rob Giovino, Associate Director of Admissions
Michael P. Hynes, Senior Admissions Officer
Jude A. Tomasino, Associate Director of Records/Transfer
Adam Moreau, Admissions Officer
Melissa Braun, Assistant Registrar
Cathy Tessier, Director of Records
Cindy Arce, Senior Records Officer – Technical
Yamel Chinchilla, Senior Admissions Officer
Akintola (Wale) Fayanjuola, Admissions Officerxz


Johnson & Wales University

Providence Campus
8 Abbott Park Place
Providence, RI 02903
General Admission Ph: 401-598-2310
Culinary Admission Ph:  401-598-2370

Amy Podbelski, Director of  Undergraduate Admissions –
Taylor Hirsch Admissions Officer –
Luis Faria Admissions Officer –
Robin Charlonne, Admissions Officer –
Virginia Cardozo, Admissions Officer; Culinary –
George Malavasic, Admissions Officer; Culinary –
Steven Blair, Culinary Classroom Presenter –
Russ DeSimone, Admissions Counselor –
Laura Hauser, Admissions Counselor –


New England Institute of Technology

Admissions Office
1 New England Tech Boulevard
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Phone:  401-467-7744 or 800-736-7744
Fax: 401- 732-9792

Timothy Reardon, Vice President Enrollment Management
Michael Caruso, Director of Admissions
Erin Flynn, Director of Enrollment Management Outreach
James Richard, Assistant Director of Student Recruitment


Providence College

Office of Admission
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI  02918
Phone: 1800-721-6444 or 401-865-2535
Fax: (401)-865-2826

Raúl A. Fonts, Associate Vice President / Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
Amy M. Cembor, Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Nancy M. Eagan, Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Owen R. Bligh, Associate Dean of Admission
Diana B. Gingles, Associate Dean of Admission
Sandra A. Miller, Associate Dean of Admission; Coordinator of Transfer Admission
Megan O’Rourke, Associate Dean of Admission
Fr. Iriarte Andújar, Associate Dean of Admission
Martin Vaughn, Associate Dean of Admission; Coordinator of West Coast Recruitment
Greg Chery, Associate Dean of Admission; Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
Tricia Bergantino, Assistant Dean of Admission; Coordinator of International Admission
Patrick Brennan, Assistant Dean of Admission
Matthew S. Maurano, Associate Dean of Admission
Jennifer Robinson, Senior Admission Counselor
Kelly M. Lamoreaux, Senior Admission Counselor
Analee Benik, Admission Counselor
Elizabeth Ward, Admission Counselor
Erin L. Earley, Coordinator of Admission Services

School of Continuing Education

1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI 02918
Phone: 401-865-2816
Fax: 401-865-1723

Janet  L. Castleman, Ph.D., Dean
Madeleine A. Metzler, Associate Dean
Anne M. Nagle, Assistant Dean
Robert Vachon, Coordinator, Teacher Certification Program (TCP)
Jennifer D. Andrews, Academic Counselor


Roger Williams University

Office of Admission
One Old Ferry Road
Bristol, RI 02809
Phone:  401-254-3500
Fax:  401-254-3557

Amy Tiberio, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing –
Shamika Cameron, Director of Recruitment, Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment –
Aimee Celentano, Director of Enrollment Systems and Operations –
Amanda Marsili, Director of Admission Outreach and Events –
Bill Abbate, Associate Director of Admission, Coordinator of International Recruitment –
Jacqueline Melendez, Associate Director of Enrollment Systems and Operations –
Erin Olson, Associate Director of Admission, Enrollment Marketing Manager –
Joe Varao, Associate Director of Admission –
Mary Bubar, Assistant Director of Admission, Coordinator of Transfer Admission –
Tania Hurtado, Assistant Director of Admission –
Jen Kendrigan, Assistant Director of Admission –
Eric Laboissonniere, Assistant Director of Admission –
Kelly Smith, Assistant Director of Admission, Coordinator of Visit Experience –
Thomas Durigan, Admission Counselor –
Felicia Greco, Admission Counselor –
Zaryah Guyton, Admission Counselor –
Kyler Jesanis, Admission Counselor –
Bill McMurray, Regional Admission Representative –
Marcus Hanscom, Director of Graduate Admission –
Lori Vales, Coordinator of Graduate Admission –
Sara Holland, Graduate Admission Counselor –


Rhode Island College

Office of Admission
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908
Phone:  401-456-8234, 1-800-669-5760
Fax:  401-456-8817

Jason Anthony, Director of Admission,
Lucy Rios Saunders, Assistant Director of Admission,
Brian Stevens, Assistant Director of Admission,
Jennifer Mullen, Assistant Director of Admissions,
Vanessa Ruggieri,  Admissions Officer,
Omar Reyes, Assistant Director,


Rhode Island School of Design

Admissions Office
Two College Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 1-800-364-7473 or 401-454-6300
Fax: 401-454-6309

Michael Cameron, Director of Admissions
Hattie McLean, Assistant Director, Admissions Outreach and Communications
Molly Pettengill, Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment
Antonio Peters, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Melanie Patterson, Admissions Officer
Isabelle Sanchez, Admissions Officer
Timothy Lai, Admissions Officer, Undergraduate and Graduate
Carol Grabbert, Coordinator of Events and Visitors
Takeya Lee, Assistant Director, Admissions Operations
Sarah Lauck, Admissions Assistant


Salve Regina University

Office of Admissions
100 Ochre Point Avenue
Newport,  RI  02840
Phone: 1-888-GO-SALVE
Fax: 401-848-2823

Jim Fowler, Vice President of Enrollment,
Colleen Emerson, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions,
Brian Shanley, Special Assistant to the Dean,
Ronn Beck, Director of International Recruitment and Admissions,
Stephanie Dupuis, Associate Dean of Admissions,
Christina Berardi, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions and Coordinator of Transfer Admissions,
Pam Heroux, Associate Dean of Admissions and Coordinator of Athletic Recruitment,
Katelyn Germano, Assistant Director of Admissions and On Campus Event Coordinator,
Nicholas Albanese, Assistant Director of Admissions,
Darwin Almonte, Senior Admissions Counselor and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment,
Rita Winthrop, Admissions Counselor,
Tenley Sodeur, Admissions Counselor,
Kathryn Wright, Admissions Counselor,
Kay Scanlan, Admissions Counselor and Coordinator of Alumni Volunteer Program,
David Fairchild, Admissions Counselor,

URI logo

University of Rhode Island

Office of Admission
14 Upper College Road
Kingston Rhode Island, 02881
Phone: 401-874-7100
Fax: 401-874-5523

Cynthia L. Bonn, Dean of Admission
Joanne Lynch, Assistant Dean of Admission
Becky DeSalvo, Associate Director
Erin Earle, Associate Director
Raymond Kung, Admission Advisor
Eliza Etter, Admission Advisor
Deborah Suggs, Associate Director
Beth Tikoian, Admission Advisor
Caitlin Cotter, Admission Officer
Bo Gillie, Coordinator, International Admission
Rachel Littlefield, Admission Advisor
Ruby Morris Jones, Admission Officer
Diane Rhodehamel, Admission Officer
Rosa Ciunci, Admission Officer
Stephen Ferguson, Admission Officer
Brad Cocking, Regional Admission Advisor, NJ
Piotr Skuza, International Admission Officer
Brianna Montecalvo, Admission Counselor
Brandon Maxwell, Admission Counselor
Ro Percy, Admission Officer
Nate Vaccaro, Admission Counselor
Victor Silva, Admission Counselor