Bryant University

Office of Admission

1150 Douglas Pike

Smithfield, RI  02917


Phone: 1-800-622-7001



Priscilla E. Alicea, Director for Admission, Multicultural–

Kailin Burns, Senior Assistant Director of Admission –

Michelle Cloutier, Dean of Admission

Meaghan Delaney, Assistant Director of Admission

Brenda B. Doran, Director of Transfer Admission

Kyndra Douglass, Assistant Director of International Admission

John F. Eriksen, Director for International Admission –

Rebecca Eriksen, Associate Director for Events and Volunteer Admission

Stephen Ferguson, Assistant Director of Admission

Katie McAtee, Associate Director of Admission

Ana Rosado, Assistant Director of Admission

Helen M. Senecal, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission

Daniel Wystepek, Associate Director of Admission –